For vasectomy services, we accept CareCredit for the balance payment ($490 for cash patients, or the insurance company allowable for patients with insurances with whom we are contracted) after the $100 deposit has been paid by cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard, but only from patients who have their vasectomies in the Tampa office. In person, the CareCredit account holder (who may not be the patient) must present 2 forms of ID (one of which must be a photo ID, and the other can be the CareCredit card) and he or she must sign a CareCredit sales draft. In order to generate the sales draft, our staff must go online to the CareCredit website and follow a process. This is too much to ask our outfield staff members, and why we limit our CareCredit acceptance to procedures performed in our Tampa office.


  1. CareCredit is a line of credit for human and veterinary healthcare services.
  2. Patients apply for this line of credit online, by mail, or by phone. See
  3. Each CareCredit patient eventually receives a CareCredit ID card, but once approved is immediately eligible through an ID number even without a card.

To schedule a vasectomy, a patient may:
a. register online using a Visa or MasterCard to pay the deposit. Patients without credit cards may purchase a refillable credit card at most discount stores. We do not accept CareCredit for the deposit because CareCredit imposes time limitations for the delivery of services related to the deposit, and we choose not to be subject to those limitations. OR
b. mail a check for $100 to our office. Our staff will call you when it arrives. You may then register online and we will provide an appointment time when we receive the registration. OR
c. bring $100 to our office and our staff will help with registration and provide a date for the vasectomy procedure.

We accept only a 6-month payback arrangement, which costs our office 5.9%. 12 months would cost us 9.9% and we do not choose to incur that expense. For a charge of $590 on a six-month payback, this is just under $100 per month. The credit accrues interest on unpaid balances from the date of the purchase. If the patient adheres to minimum monthly payment requirements, interest is not charged. If minimum monthly payments are not made on time, the patient must pay interest on unpaid balances according to his agreement with CareCredit.

We do NOT accept CareCredit for reversal consultations or reversal procedures.