Great Vas Vasectomies


Vasectomy is a method of permanent contraception for men. Vasectomy is simple, affordable, and highly effective. 

Dr. John Curington

Dr. John Curington is a board-certified physician who has done many thousands of these procedures over the years. Dr. Curington is an expert who focuses exclusively on vasectomy. He practices in Sarasota and also travels around the world to bring the gentle, “no needle, no scalpel vasectomy” to men who want cost-effective, highly effective contraception.


Vasectomy $590

Vasectomy is all we do, and we keep our costs low by having no fees for surgery center charges, no extra anesthesia cost, and no consultation fee. You do the consultation online before your procedure, register online, and then make your appointment. We keep it simple.

Scheduling a Vasectomy

Right now, Dr. Curington is busy teaching in South America and setting up his new office in Sarasota. The new office should be operational in January or February 2024. Of course, most men don’t want to wait that long. Click here to schedule a vasectomy with Dr. Doug Stein or Dr. Alex Galante in their office in the Tampa Bay Area. You can also find great details about the practice of Dr. Stein and Dr. Galante at

To schedule a vasectomy with Dr. Curington, follow these simple steps: