VasWeb Vasectomies and Reversals

Vasectomy is a method of permanent contraception for men. Vasectomy is simple, permanent, and highly effective. Dr. Doug Stein and Dr. John Curington are board-certified physicians who have done many thousands of these procedures over the years. They travel across the state to bring the gentle, “no needle, no scalpel vasectomy” to men who want gentle, highly effective contraception.


vasectomy $590 (sometimes less with insurance)
vasectomy reversal $5900

Between our two physicians, we have done over 50,000 vasectomies and over 1850 vasectomy reversals. This is all we do, and we keep our costs low by having no fees for surgicenter charges, no extra anesthesia cost, no lab costs, and no consultation fee. You do the consultation online before your procedure, register online, and then make your appointment. We keep it simple.

Scheduling a vasectomy

To schedule a vasectomy, follow these simple steps:

watch the counseling video
– review the “about vasectomy” page
– consider payment options
– review the schedule and locations for potential times
– complete the online registration
– we will then call you with a specific time and date