Vasectomy Fee


Yes, that is the entire cost!

Dr. Curington has done over 20,000 vasectomies. This is all we do, and we keep our costs low by having no fees for surgicenter charges, no anesthesia charges, and no consultation fee. You do the consultation online by video before your procedure, register online, and then make your appointment. We keep it simple. Click here to read about payment options.

To be entirely transparent, and to avoid the feeling of hidden charges, it’s important to know that we highly encourage a semen test to be performed twelve weeks after the procedure. We have negotiated a special rate with a certified laboratory for $50 per test. You will not pay this fee to us; you pay the testing fee to the lab. You can also do a semen test with easily available home kits that you can buy on Amazon. They are not as sensitive as the test from the lab, but they are very good. These generally cost about $65 on Amazon. We highly encourage all vasectomy patients to do at least one follow-up semen check. It gives everyone peace of mind.