The first vasectomies were performed in the 1800s, with the first vasectomy in the United States in 1897. The modern procedure is very gentle, but traditionally a scalpel was used to make incisions in the side of the scrotum to access the vas tubes. During the 1970s in China, Dr. Shunqiang Li developed a more gentle technique using a very fine tool to access the tubes through a tiny puncture. This no-scalpel technique has been shown to have fewer complications and most patients find the method to be surprisingly quick and easy. At the GreatVas Gentle Vasectomy Center in Sarasota, Dr. Curington uses the no-scalpel technique and has taught many other physicians this modern method of minimally invasive vasectomy.

李顺强 - Lǐ Shùnqiáng

Dr. Li Shunqiang

Inventor of the
” percutaneous vasectomy”