Volunteering, Learning, and Teaching

Dr. Curington has been fortunate to be able to learn from many sources. He has done medical exchanges in France, Malta, New Zealand, and Mexico, as well as vasectomy-specific exchanges in Canada, Thailand, Kenya, and the Philippines. “From each of these experiences, I have learned so much. I am especially thankful for the teaching from Dr. Michel Labrecque, Dr. Ramon Suarez, and Dr. Douglas Stein. Each of these great vasectomists have shaped my career and helped me along in my goal to give patients the best possible vasectomy.” Dr. Curington has especially enjoyed his international volunteer work for NSVI (No-Scalpel Vasectomy International). He has participated in overseas volunteer missions to bring free no-scalpel vasectomies to responsible men who want to control family size, but have limited resources to afford vasectomy on their own. Dr. Curington also participates in and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for World Vasectomy Day.

Columbia 2019

Kenya 2018

Mexico 2017

Mexico 2016

Philippines 2016

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Haiti 2014

Kenya 2013

Philippines 2013

Thailand 2004

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