Driving after a Vasectomy

Many men ask if they will be OK to drive after a vasectomy. In general, it is very wise to bring a driver when you are having any medical procedure. This is the safest thing to do. Vasectomy is a very gentle procedure, but there are men tend to get lightheaded in medical contexts. This can happen when they undergo procedures, see procedures, or even talk about procedures. This is so common that all physicians have a story about a friend in medical school who passed out while watching their first surgery.

So, in general, it is a good practice to bring a driver (spouse, partner, friend, etc) or arrange an Uber/Lyft driver. If you don’t arrange a driver, you could get lightheaded and wreck your car, or possibly even hurt someone. There are many guys, though, who have never been lightheaded and who know that they don’t get lightheaded after procedures. If you are that guy, you will likely be able to drive. You are an adult. We encourage you to bring a driver, but we won’t police you. Be reasonable. Be safe.