Online Registration

We ask that our patients complete registration online.

There are many advantages to doing the online registration.

Saves time – This is precisely the information that we have always asked each patient to provide on the day of his first visit. By registering online before your first visit, you will not have to fill out a similar form on the day of your consultation and/or vasectomy.

Accuracy of information – By registering in the privacy of your own home or office, you will not be distracted by other activity within our office on the day of your visit. You may also have access to medical information (prior surgeries, medications, names of doctors) that you may not recall on the day of your visit. Plus we can read it … on the handwritten info sheets completed in our office, you’d be surprised how many 4’s look like 9’s and 9’s look like 7’s! This site is secure and your information is kept confidential.

Peace of mind that there will be no surprises on the day of your visit because you are completely informed and prepared. In fact, so much is learned online that a preliminary consultation visit is not required.

Safety – Pre-registration gives your doctor and his or her staff the opportunity to review your history before you arrive and to call you if there are any medical or social concerns, especially important for those patients who choose to have their consultation and procedure on the same day.

Instructions for Online Registration

Read the About Vasectomy Page, including information about what to do before and after your vasectomy.

Watch the Vasectomy Counseling Video

Think about when you would like to have your vasectomy. At our office in Sarasota, you may have your procedure on almost any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Keep in mind that you should minimize activity on the evening of the vasectomy. It’s best to rest on the sofa, a recliner, or in bed. On the following day, engage in no strenuous activity (no yard work, sports, or heavy lifting), but you may walk and drive and return to work if your job is not strenuous.

To schedule, a deposit of $100 (payable by Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card only) is required of all patients. The deposit is fully refundable until 1 calendar day prior to the appointed vasectomy date, non-refundable thereafter for either cancellation or postponement.

By registering online, you are consenting to receive messages (emails and texts) from our office regarding your appointment.