Special Message for Young Men who are Considering Vasectomy

In general, a man older than 21 years-old is able to make his own choices about his future. We firmly believe that the best person to decide how many children you have should be you.

Still, we never want to do a vasectomy on anyone who doesn’t understand the procedure. Please read the information below to make sure that we do the best thing for you.

  • You may regret it. Men who have vasectomies when they are in their 20’s, especially if they have had fewer than two children, may be the ones most likely to seek vasectomy reversal at a later date, often regretting their vasectomy decisions if their reversals are not successful.
  • You may change. Many men who think they will never want children when they are in their early 20’s are delighted with fatherhood when they are in their 30’s. You may be totally convinced now that you will never want children, but people can change and you may have a much different outlook 10 years from now.
  • Women can change. Your partner who wants no children now may want children in the future. Women who have no desire for children when they are in their early 20’s may have a much stronger desire when they are in their 30’s and when many of their friends are having children of their own.
  • Relationships can end. Since more than 50% of American marriages end in divorce, you may not be with the same partner ten years from now and a new partner may have a much stronger desire for children than your present partner does. So just because your present partner claims that she will never want children, her tune may change 10 years from now, or she may not even be your partner 10 years from now.
  • Vasectomy should be considered a permanent and non-reversible procedure. Vasectomy reversals are not always successful. So before having a vasectomy, know all of the other options. Review other contraception choices carefully.
  • Young men should consider Sperm Storage. The companies who provide the service will send what you need directly to your home, you can collect the semen specimen in the privacy of your home, and you can mail them back to the company in the storage container provided. Imagine meeting a prospective partner years after your vasectomy. You fall very much in love with her, but you know that she will someday want children. You can tell her, “I have had a vasectomy”, or you can say, “I have had a vasectomy, BUT I banked sperm for future use.” Now, which do you think will sound better to her? In her eyes, either you did a foolish thing years ago, or you made a responsible decision with good foresight. In one case, you may lose the girl; in the other case, you win her heart. So sperm storage can be a very smart thing, well worth the investment.
  • Have you discussed your decision with your parents? If not, consider this: You’re an adult, yes, but they helped you get there. As with many decisions in life, change the question from, “Should I tell my parents?” to “What can I do that I will never regret?” Would you ever regret not telling them? Possibly. Would you ever regret telling them? Probably not. Having a vasectomy is still your decision, but at least you granted them the respect of letting them render an opinion. And if they succeed in discouraging you, because they know you better than any doctor does, you may one day thank them. If they don’t succeed in discouraging you, they may split with you the cost of sperm storage and feel much better about your vasectomy in doing so.